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The thrive experience changes everyone in so many different ways it’s truly remarkable. But for me the absolute BEST part is about 10-20 minutes after taking my capsules my mood is completely uplifted and kick starts me for the day. I have now been off my pharmaceutical medication for anxiety for 4 months I practise breathing techniques and I THRIVE . I am a life time thriver for so many reasons , what’s your reasons ??¬†ūüŹĒūüĆ≤ūüĆ∑‚̧ԳŹūüí™ūüŹĽ¬†#innerpeace#anxietysurvivor

What is THRIVE ? Click the link and watch the quick little 2 minute video to explain how I start my day everyday and how I have changed my life !



Hard times come and go but your strength stays.

Ever hear those sayings like “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”¬†or¬†“The toughest battles go to the toughest soldiers”.¬†I feel like when people say these things to me they are only trying to make me feel better, which don’t get me wrong I appreciate the sentiment but I would rather be in situations where I don’t need to be told “It’ll get better”¬†can’t it just be “better” already ? Or wait here is my favourite¬†“It could be worse”¬†… Of course it could be worse I know I am not dead in a ditch somewhere but right now I am allowed to feel defeated and frustrated, as human beings we have that right. As a young mom and someone who was no where near ready to take on all the responsibilities that entail being a full on adult and parent, I did my damn near best in the 9 months I was allotted to prepare. When taking on such a life altering thing like being a parent and not only that trying to be the best Mom I could possibly be that means that YES times might get tough sometimes. I’m not giving up, I’m not even close to feeling defeated because I know I will pull out of it but sometimes it feels like this whole¬†“Karma business”¬†will never ever find me. I am a good person, I am a hard worker, I come home from work do my laundry, bathe my child, make dinner, clean my house, and try to have some fun in between just to go to bed and wake up and do it all over again. Doesn’t that mean that I deserve things to go right ? What we have to remind ourselves is it’s not that we deserve what were getting, but that after its all said and done its a journey.

I know in a month we will be looking back and chuckling to ourselves at how frustrated we were and how we never thought it would change BUT right now that feels like an eternity away. Maybe this blog post is more of just a diary entry and me venting about how right now things are tough for us. But I think my main point of this post is to let everyone know that they’re not alone , I hear so many people and how they have difficult times in their lives and every single one of these trials and tribulations matters , IT IS OKAY TO FEEL THIS WAY.¬†

These tough times in my life show me how I can do better next time and how I will not allow certain things to arise in my life again to make me feel this way. And as human beings that is all life is right ? One big lesson and journey to make sure that you are living exactly how¬†YOU¬†want to be living and to never make the same mistake twice.¬†Don’t bitch and complain about your life and then take no actions to change it.¬†I know how I am going to change my life and do better for myself and my family ?

Do You ? 

Sacrifices shouldn’t feel like sacrifices.

Sacrifices shouldn’t feel like sacrifices.¬†

I’m a Mom. I have heard countless parents tell me that there are sacrifices we make for our children. And I mean I guess they’re right … Right ? To me though, things I have done and decisions I have made are only because I want to. I want to be an amazing Mom. I want to be an amazing wife. I want to better myself and I want to always strive to be better and a happier version of myself. I didn’t sacrifice anything for my child. I decided to have unprotected sex which guess what ? Makes a baby! I decided to make that child my whole world. You can’t plan your life , life has its own plan for you. It’s up to you whether you embrace every damn second of it and realize there are no sacrifices , just decisions and choices that lead you to where you are.

Joy to me is sitting here listening to my child giggle as he sits in his pajamas watching his favourite cartoon before bed. Sipping a nice hot cup of coffee writing a blog post about just how much I love being his mommy. I am so extremely blessed, we all are. Stop looking for something more, your happiness isn’t there I promise you.


Renting sucks.

For the life of me I will never understand how just anyone can be a landlord. There is no course required to be a proper property manager and landlord and no required knowledge of tenant rights and legal obligations that this title requires. Legally I can not indulge in information on a personal case we are going through and I don’t want to hurt my own case just in case this blog is found. But man the feeling of someone threatening your home is probably the worst feeling one human being can do to another. Having your home is a sense of security and especially having a child … just totally not a good feeling at all to feel like someone is going to take that from you. As a human being with sympathy and empathy for others I don’t think I could ever do that to someone unless they had truly done me wrong.

Life happens and lessons are learned and I am a HUGE believer in karma, and this brings me a slight sense of peace.


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My baby is starting school …

Today is just a quick entry as we are getting ready to go to the beach and watch the amazing “Snow Bird” fighter jets over the lake. My baby boy starts school in September and I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I know he is going to LOVE school but I have been home with him since the day he was born and now hes going to school and someone else is going to be taking care of him 5 days a week during the day instead of me. I have this amazing opportunity to get this full-time job and it would start in only a couple weeks … I had this plan that I would still have a FULL summer with my baby to prepare him for school and spend special time with him . But I know this job wont come again and the hours are PERFECT for when he is in school so I would still be able to pick him up from school, but yet I feel so torn and so unsure because of me having this picture of what I thought this summer would be.

No one ever said being a Mom was for the faint at heart and its really not. Pulling at the heart strings HUGE lately but I know no matter what it will all work out and my baby will be happy … Because lets face it, he really isnt a baby anymore is he?

Adult acne is no joke folks! Treating acne the natural way! Day 1!

Why is it no one ever warned me about¬†adult acne … Puberty hit and I got a few black heads and I thought it was the end of the world. Then I got pregnant and my skin had never been so beautiful, I was blessed with glowing skin while I was pregnant. Of course everyone thinks the worst of their¬†“acne days” is over once they are done puberty, for many that is not the case. Jump ahead four years after I had my son all of a sudden I started not just getting a few pimples here and there but full on breakouts. I had no idea how to handle it or what to do so today I decided instead of spending a fortune on acne treatments I am going to treat it the all natural way with home remedies, things I can make myself.¬†Wish me luck!

Step 1 –¬†Make a cleansing scrub

Very simple recipe I found that exfoliates and cleanses to open pores, clean your skin, and moisturize. 4 tbs coffee grounds, 4 tbs raw sugar, 2 tbs softened coconut oil. You can do this once in the morning and once at night before bed. It is so gentle for the skin and feels amazing.


Step 2 РMake a cleansing toner 

I found a cheap small spray bottle from the dollar store and filled it about 2/3 with apple cider vinegar, one lemon slice squeezed for fresh lemon juice, and the remainder with water. I then spray this onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face and a couple times over the areas with bad breakouts. My bad spot lately seems to be my chin and temples. Which just a little tip is if you apply this right after you pop a pimple it will sting a little, but it will work and feel amazing and less swollen after.

My skin now feels so clean and refreshed and soft. Definitely excited to see my progress in a week or so! Which I will of course post a blog update about as this seems to be my new favourite hobby.

*Update to come.



When did my fertility become everyone else’s business ?

Im a Mom to a four year old and you know what is the most common question I get asked?

“When are you having another?”

Why people feel this question can be so easily asked without any repercussions is beyond me. Maybe I don’t want another one. Maybe I CANT have another one. Maybe I just had a miscarriage. Maybe I am trying to have another one and the fact that it hasn’t happened yet is stressing me out beyond belief. To answer your question my real answer is the last one .. I want another baby so bad and we are trying to have one. But honestly its not as easy to find the time to try and “make a baby” as it used to be. Not only are we adults with jobs and house chores and family functions, but we also have a child now so that consists of park days and play dates and just being with our child. There are four days a month when a child is able to be conceived and those four days have never been so stressful. Then Ill hear “you need to just relax” and “stop counting and stop stressing about it” , it will happen when it happens. Like okay there Jane obviously I know stressing about it wont help my cause but its all I can do to just not think about it . All my friends are either having their first babies now or even better getting pregnant and having their seconds. I have all these first birthday parties to go to where there are even younger babies and newborn babies and everyone knows how much I LOVE babies so they ask me if I want to hold them which of course I do but then it fills my heart with love for this baby and for my friend who just had this beautiful little human being but then i also get this gut wrenching pain of wondering why I haven’t been this lucky as to have another little beautiful baby of my own that we are so wanting yet.

So back to the topic¬†“When are you having another baby?” My new response is “Well if I get pregnant today probably in about 9 months” because you have NO idea how much that question can cause someone so many god damn emotions and you were just sitting there looking at me with my now FOUR YEAR OLD and thought “well there is no harm in asking right?” Let me inform you YES there can be a harm in asking.

Fertility is nothing short of a sore spot and emotional filled journey for so many mothers and fathers that guess what ! If we wanted to talk about having another baby with you right in this very second we would tell you.

Regardless I am one¬†HAPPY¬†and¬†THANKFUL mother and wife to my beautiful family that because I feel this way I want another little beautiful baby to be a mommy to and to raise with my amazing man who is the absolute best daddy I could of ever wanted for my children. I am a Mom, and becoming a Mom was the best thing that could of ever happened in my life to give my life a¬†REAL¬†purpose and meaning. I am not done being a mommy. This is something I know with my whole soul that one day I will have another little baby in my arms and these feelings will all soon fade and maybe I wont be so sensitive to the subject. But until that day comes, remember before you ask someone¬†“When are you having another”¬†OR¬†“When are you having a baby”¬†just know you have no idea what you are really asking.

Happy Hump Day to all you beautiful people ! Today is my Friday, I get a four day weekend so I am feeling so super blessed and excited for a busy weekend with my better half. Stay blessed and thankful for everything in your life and remember that everything you want and need in life WILL happen.

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Moms need breaks too.

As a mother and wife sometimes it gets easy to feel overwhelmed, unappreciated, second guessing decisions you have made, and realizing sometimes you just don’t speak up and say what is really on your mind as often as you should. But you do it all out of love and nothing else. I’m a mom to me this means always putting my tiny human first above all and in every sense of the word. My personal space becomes his as soon as he wants to cuddle, when hes hungry that means I am now a personal chef, when he wants to play I am now an entertainer. I love every single motherhood duty and every responsibility I have taken on as soon as those two little lines popped up on that stick that crazy, hot, summer afternoon five years ago. But sometimes when my man comes home¬†exhausted from such a long hard days work and sits down and complains about how hard his day is I want to scream. Am I alone here ?

Yes¬†of course¬†your day was hard, your an amazing man who works twelve hours a day to provide for his family. And I love you to infinity and beyond for being an amazing dad and provider. But is it crazy that sometimes I would like a chance to go first, for you to hear me tell you how I was literally called “MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM” for what feels like 8 hours straight. How I am constantly following this little tornado around the house cleaning up his toys and wiping his bum a hundred times a day. I know I get to endure all this in the comfort of my own home and I love every second of being this amazing tiny spawns mother, but at the end of the day I want the chance to sit down after I tell myself I’m done for the day. I want to sit down and watch you brush his teeth, give him his bath, read him his favourite book ten times. Then get called into his room once he decides he needs to go pee again and he needs another drink of water .. which of course makes him have to go pee again ten minutes later.

After his beautiful eyes finally shut and he drifts off to dream land, I get to shower and have a snack that I don’t have to share and finally lay down. It is then that he wakes up with terrible growing pains and I am up for another two hours giving him his medicine and rubbing his legs and hugging him and telling him its okay and the pain will go away.

I’m a Mom and I am a kick ass one. And I love my hardworking man more then anything in this world for giving me his little double and for being blessed with such beautiful souls. But here is the one thing most moms are scared to say without being judged and told were awful human beings … but here it is ladies and gents


Mindset and Entrepreneurship

I am a Mom who is trying her absolute hardest to be a successful work from home mom. There are things that I am still learning and one of them being that mindset is 100% the key to success. If you doubt yourself and question your own success who else is going to believe in you and nonetheless support you ?

I suffer from anxiety and my weepy days which is why sometimes I have a hard time believing that this will all one day be worth it. Enter my blog …. I have been told that writing can sometimes be therapeutic its a gateway to the soul. Well if that’s true then I need to buckle down and stop questioning myself, stop wondering what people are thinking, because if I know in myself that one day this will all be worth it then people wont question me because they know I am confident in my decision. And let’s get real , questioning someone who is happy with their decisions just makes you an¬†asshole.¬†


Who else is struggling to make their mindset stay in the positive side of life ? Who else is trying everyday to be the best they can be and not work to make a living , but work around their life and they way they want to live it. I know this is one struggle I will NOT GIVE UP on. I will win this and I will work hard everyday to be a better me, and a better entrepreneur.


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